Retirement by the way did not turn out as anticipated, though I did change focus on 7/1/11, as planned. I am now Medical Director of the clinic which I opened in 2001 as part of Future Visions Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to educating people about staying healthy, and staying away from doctors. I had planned to close the clinic, but fate provided me with the means to keep it going. At this point, we have an excellent medically trained naturopathic doctor, an chiropractor with vast experience who didn’t want to fully retire, so works with us part time now. Our team also includes a massage therapist who is very intuitive, and dedicated, and does several types of massage, including Fibro-Ease for fibromyalgia pain. Now fully certified, we also have on board a certified medical support hypnotherapist who can provide help for chronic pain, PTSD, and a nearly endless list of issues for which he has tools to support a person’s healing. At the end of September, or somewhere near about that time we will be joined by a Doctor of Oriental medicine who will be a licensed accupuncturist, and trained in Chinese medical herbs. This is what I dreamed of doing years ago, but could not do while I was the only one seeing patients, exhausted at the end of each day.

I have had very little time for writing, but that will work out eventually. I have opened an art gallery (with a skateboard shop in the back) where I teach Argentine Tango, and also make hand made jewelry. This gallery is on the square, in downtown Harrison, Arkansas.

I will start sharing some of my thoughts, and some of my monthly newsletters here, as I still have an enormous love of information about health. I write a lot about nutrition and biochemical health, but truly have a deep interest in mental, spiritual, emotional, relationship and planet health as well. All are intertwined.

Alice Laule, M.D.


About alicelaule

Physician, dancer, writer, lover of all the arts. A bit of an arm chair philosopher, who hopes with imminent retirement (7/1/11) to be able to get out the armchair and write on philosophy of health care, as well as get back to writing fiction again. Love music of all kinds, but for the last year or so, have been absolutely fanatical about Linkin Park.
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